Exhibition “Garden of Unknowing”

Exhibition “Garden of Unknowing”

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Opening: Sat 28 Nov 2020, 05 pm
Exhibition: 29 Nov – 07 Dec 2020
Casa Italia
18 Lê Phụng Hiểu, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội.

From the organizer:

Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis is not merely a place where God created the first man and woman, it was also the garden of the unknown and the to-be-known, of innocence and the destruction of such; where men are unaware of their own selves and thus are living in a different reality. To me, the Garden (obviously) is not a place in space and/or time, but rather a state of being that is difficult to achieve, a pristine garden hidden in each of us, which can be entered only when we have forgotten about our own selves. Though I am not an enlightened being, when practicing art, I find myself arriving at Garden of Eden most naturally.

This exhibition marks the past 5 happy years, which I was lucky to spend studying and living in Italy, where time was captured in colossal cultural heritages. It was also the years of maturity, of the unknown and the to-be-known, of recognizing and forgetting oneself. In other words, this exhibition is a tribute to youth, to close a journey and open the next. Seemingly, everything has just begun.


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