Finest Project Nominees: Fractured Times

Finest Project Nominees: Fractured Times

Curator’s Tour


About project: “Fractured Times” is an exhibition that marks the launch of The Outpost Art Organisation as its the first step on the journey to explore and discover different pieces of the contemporary Vietnamese art scene.

Curated by Art Director Lê Thuận Uyên, “Fractured Times” opens the dialogue between the modern man and contemporary changes via works selected in a variety of shapes and forms of expression: sculpture, installation, multimedia experimentation, oil painting, etc. As a dialogue with the transformation of the outside world and with the architectural space of The Outpost itself, the exhibition is designed as a maze where the audience is invited to participate in a journey to different spiritual regions. Visitors, in turn, would face memories, discoveries and the thoughts of each artist regarding the upheaval of the times.

The exhibition welcomes the participation of 06 artists: Hoàng Thanh Vĩnh Phong, Phan Thảo Nguyên, Lý Trần Quỳnh Giang, Nguyễn Phương Linh, Phạm Hà Ninh và Phạm Minh Hiếu.

Storytelling Workshop | “Dấu Thời Gian” với “Người kể chuyện” Vũ Hoàng Long

Art form: Contemporary art

Duration: 29 November 2022 – 28 February 2023

Organizer: The Outpost

Activities: Exhibition, art tours, talks, film screening and workshop

Thảo luận mở rộng chuyên đề: Khảo cổ học tương lai cùng Hà Ninh, Thành Vinh, Vân Đỗ
Thảo luận nghệ thuật, kiến trúc và điện ảnh và Giới thiệu phim | “Miền Tưởng Tượng”
Tour tham quan triển lãm cùng giám tuyển | Curator’s Tour

Trải nghiệm tương tác cùng tác phẩm | Ảnh: Studio Phạm Minh Hiếu

HANOI GRAPEVINE’s FINEST is an annual event that honors contemporary art projects in Vietnam. The event is organized and nominated by Hanoi Grapevine and the general audience.

The event aims to honor individuals, organizations, creative art projects & activities as well as artists who are 35 or younger who have made impacts on the community in order to encourage the development of local creative arts, to promote greater communication and to further spread the influence of art and culture in the community.

In an effort to give the most comprehensive and objective view, HANOI GRAPEVINE’s FINEST always offers different formats in each edition. This year, Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest 2023 is divided into two major categories: Honouring and Recognition.

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