Poetry, the Poetic Current – Open Practice in Contemporary Culture

Poetry, the Poetic Current – Open Practice in Contemporary Culture

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01 Oct – 26 Nov 2022
Montauk by LP Club
174 Kim Mã, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

How is poetry in contemporary culture composed and expressed? What do we mean when we think about poeticity, the poetic current in works of art, or the world of creativity? How is poetry manifested in the form of open practice, expressed through the spectrum of arts – photography, painting, music, theater, film…? How are the modes of thinking, creating art across disciplines, through a variety of media, rooted and realised?

In Hanoi, the series of events “Poetry, the Poetic Current – Open Practice in Contemporary Culture” will take place from October 1 to November 26, 2022 at Montauk by LP Club, bringing a new excitement and variety to poetry, expressed not just through the beauty of words, rhymes, rhythm and sounds, but also through visuals, music and theater. This program is also a co-presentation/co-creation of intellectual voices and creative faces in literary theory, culture and contemporary art practice.

The program will include a talk, roundtable, music poetry night, photo poetry book launch and devised theater performance. The aim is to share and connect the cultural and multimedia art practices that are linked by poetry. The program is initiated by MYAN Poetry & Art, with the support of XplusX Studio, Montauk by LP Club, the Center for Movie Talents Development – TPD, Hanoi Grapevine, Tung Tang Studio and Noirfoto Darkroom-Studio-Gallery.

Events in the program include::

(1) Talk “Literary as Allusion Processing” with scholar Ngô Tự Lập
Time: Sat 01 Oct 2022, 03 pm – 05 pm
Moderator: Hương Mi Lê

(2) (2)Music-poetry free-form jam
Time: Thurs 20 Oct 2022. 08 pm – 10 pm
Performing poets & musician : MYAN, mi-mimi, Mạc Mai Sương, Thế Lãng, Lưu Thanh Duy

(3) (3)Roundtable: Poetry, the Poetic Current in Contemporary Culture
Time: Sat 12 Oct 2022, 09:30 am – 11:30 am
Speaker: poet, visual mi-mimi; poet, mixed media MYAN; artist, photographer Phạm Tuấn Ngọc; Literature Doctor Đinh Minh Hằng
Host: Poet, film critic Nguyễn Vũ Hiệp

(4) Photo Poetry Book Launch “6s.10M.in.MOveMENT”
Time: Sun 13 Nov 2022, 09:30 am – 11:30 am
Authur: MYAN

(5) Devised Theater “Leaving Love”
Time: Fri & Sat 25 & 26 Nov 2022, 08 pm – 10 pm
Concept: MYAN
Director & Scenographer: Hà Nguyên Long

* Details and registration for each event of the program “Poetry, the Poetic Current – Open Practice in Contemporary Culture” are updated on the Facebook pages of MYAN Poetry & Art & Hanoi Grapevine.

The organisers

MYAN Poetry & Art
Founded by MYAN in early 2022, MYAN Poetry & Art is a platform to introduce new poetry, mixed-media artworks, and to connect Vietnamese and international multi-disciplinary art practice and creations.

MYAN (Bùi Thị Thu Hiền) is a poet and multi-disciplinary artist. With the foundation of MYAN Poetry & Art, she launched her poetry collection «The tick-tocks, the moments » (February – March 2022), the experiment of images and poetry “6s.IN.THE.MOMENT.” (May – June 2022). Her other activities have included managing and producing educational programs and performing arts, ranging through drama, dance, film… such as:
– Contemporary dance performances “L’EGO”, “CHẬT”, “SENse” – with Kinergie Studio (2015- 2021)
– The independent feature film “Plan Bee” with Les Films Magnetiques (2016 – 2019)
– The devised theatre project “Stranger” at Life Art (2012-2014)

Montauk by LP Club
Founded in October 2021, Montauk by LB Club has been gaining a reputation as a vibrant Pop Culture Space in Hanoi. In a venue consisting of a bar and café with a shop selling new and classic music albums, Montauk organizes and supports various cultural and art events ranging from mini-concerts, film screenings, album and book launches, dance, poetry readings, theater, exhibitions, talks on film, arts, press meetings.

XplusX Studio
XplusX Studio is a performing arts and set design company operating in parallel in France and Vietnam, founded by director/scenographer Ha Nguyen Long, which focuses on researching and experimenting in Vietnamese Traditional Arts and Western Classical Theatre.

XplusX Studio’s ambition is to promote ideas and practices in the performing arts in an intimate space through a deep relationship with the audience, aiming for works that use scenography as a highly interactive and metaphorical artistic element as well as revitalizing and promoting Vietnamese traditional theatre to international audiences, and so inspiring a revival in its home country. Orienting activities based on methodical and sequential activities, XplusX Studio hopes to consolidate and develop theatrical/performing arts platforms from traditional to contemporary, creating a sustainable ecosystem of communities of practitioners and audiences.

The Center for Movie Talents Development TPD
Founded in 2002, The Center for Movie Talents Development TPD – Vietnam Cinema Assocation, is the first professional and non-profit organization in Vietnam for organizing short courses in films, sponsoring programs, supporting young filmmakers and cinema activities for the community.

In addition, TPD is the producer and co-producer of many feature and short narrative and documentary films that have been selected for showing at national and international film festivals, with several winning awards.

Hanoi Grapevine
Hanoi Grapevine is an active and important promoter of the arts in Vietnam. Hanoi Grapevine provides bilingual content relating to high-quality art and culture happenings in the contemporary landscape of the country – including listings and reviews by interested, informed and opinionated commentators. Hanoi Grapevine also organizes events, and the Grapevine Selection – the choosing of the finest arts events and artists of the year – is a highlight.

Noirfoto Darkroom-Studio-Gallery
Noirfoto Darkroom-Studio-Gallery was established by Pham Tuan Ngoc in 2017 to be a space to produce, share, support and nurture the values of photography as an art form. Noirfoto encourages those who share the love for photography and analogue printing, and strives to push for the growth of the analogue community.

Noirfoto’s physical space consists of the best darkroom, dedicated to the highest forms of analogue printing, including black and white and other alternative techniques; the photographic studio enables endless experimentation with the craft of photography; there is also a gallery to professionally showcase outstanding artworks. Noirfoto organises regular art talks, workshops, photo contests, and exhibitions… to help develop knowledge and skills across all things photography, in collaboration with artistic institutions in Saigon and Hanoi as well as overseas.

Tung Tăng Studio
Founded by Duong Doan Anh Minh, Tung Tăng Studio is a design studio that brings solutions for branding and designing cultural and creative products.


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